Skills for Justice works closely with the employers of the UK Justice, Community Safety, Legal Services and HM Forces employers, and as such, we are in a position to develop and update Apprenticeships that are fit for purpose for a particular group of workers or sector.

The National Apprenticeship Service has produced a definition of what an Apprenticeship is and some key indicators of a quality delivery model. Please visit the National Apprenticeship Service site for more information.

Apprenticeships are useful to any kind of organisation as it provides the following:

  • Candidates will undertake nationally recognised training that develops skills and knowledge
  • It increases the diversity of your workforce
  • Allows access to public funding for training

Apprenticeships can:

  • bring in new staff with fresh ideas and motivation
  • attract public funding to help with the cost of training 
  • develop loyalty in employees who support your company values

Typically, an Apprenticeship programme would include:

  • a structured training programme based on National Occupational Standards integrating skills training with on-the-job activity
  • functional skills training in Maths and English, ICT as required, along with job related qualifications
  • mentoring from experienced staff
  • around 12 – 24 months to complete depending on the job role
  • different levels of Apprenticeships to reflect the varying complexity of job roles
  • skills training usually delivered in-house or by a college

To help you maximise the potential of an Apprenticeship scheme we can develop new or existing training into an Apprenticeship framework based on your skills needs.
For any enquiries from employers or training providers, please contact